Cherry Liquor

Cherry is camp, over the top, and is known for having huge hair, huge lashes, huge heels and a huge personality!!!

Cherry Can be found on stage on a Tuesday hosting bingo and Cabaret & Partying with you on a Friday. 





Danii Dior

Describd as the Bratz doll amoungst the barbies Danii Dior just loves to party and is the queen of Insta.

You can find her every Monday on the door & on a Saturday Partying with you.

Aura Jay

Aura is sure to WOW you in her killer heels as she’s belting out iconic songs This girl has certainly got the moves to go with the voice.

Aura can be found hosting you mid week Karaoke night 'The Big Navy Night Out' every Wednesday.

Lucina Lashes

Voice of an angel and mouth of a sewer usually. She is one of the UK's top Drag Queen's from the South Coast. 

Lucinda can be found hosting 'Out On The Lashes' every Thursday with top tunes, karaoke & insults.

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